These are a few of my favorite sites …

Recipe Sites I Like – dessert, what’s not to like.  healthy. – there’s no doubt there’s a lot of disgusting, unhealthy stuff on this site.  But I often get ideas for making healthy recipes by starting here – I mostly like all the reviews, from whence the ideas tend to come.

pinterest – a good place to start for lots of creative ideas, recipes included!

Nutrition Information

My nutrition info isn’t the most scientific (as in I do not throw everything in a blender and do scientific testing on it.)  I just look everything up online.  While I try very hard to find the right nutrition info, sometimes I just cant find something (potassium content is seldom listed) or the measurements on a site are a little off from what I’m preparing.  The nutrition data I share here should be considered approximate.  Order of research for me usually is:  the product itself; then the USDA; then wherever I can find what I need.

Supertracker (USDA)


USDA Nutritional Database (sometimes has more variety in types of measures than Supertracker)

fatsecret – you do not have to sign up to use this site.  It often has more variety in types of measurements than the USDA sites do.

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