I am a wife/mom/gramma living in the mountains of Southern California.  I am overweight.   I like to eat.

Like the signs in the picture above, sometimes it seems there is a fork (ha!) in the road: You can have healthy or you can have yummy, but not both.  Facing such a dilemma, yummy usually wins for me.

And complicated recipes?  Not even going to take a short stroll down that road.

So on this blog, every recipe has my Healthy, EZ, Yummy seal of approval  –  I’ve either developed the recipe myself or tweaked someone else’s with an emphasis on healthy ingredients and preparation;  I have eaten it; and I have declared it yummy. 🙂

Finally, I am not big on long, chatty blog posts.   Here you will just find recipes that are:

-Healthy (you’ll never see Fettuccine Alfredo or deep-fried anything)

-Easy (usually less than an hour, no crazy appliances, no hard-to-find ingredients)


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